A boutique web
development shop.

Let's bring something Lovely to life.

We partner with creative agencies to build beautiful digital experiences.

A wife-and-husband team dedicated to building beautiful digital experiences. If you're looking for a digital mechanic to crank out a cookie-cutter design, we probably aren't for you. But if you're looking for a dynamic team to help you pull off a truly lovely digital experience, we'd love to talk.

The Lovely Dev is Alex and Chelsea:

A dynamic duo.

Talented full-stack developers, passionate accessibility advocates, and caring humans who are deeply committed to building websites that make clients happy and make users feel seen.

A lovely illustration of Chelsea.
Chelsea Overbeck

We have developer brains and designer hearts.

We're never happier than when we're elbows deep in JavaScript. But we also swoon over pretty typefaces, and get weak in the knees when a color pallete hits just right.

A lovely illustration of Alex.
Alex Overbeck

Our tech toolbox is deep and well-stocked.

Our expansive knowledge of programming languages, platforms, and frameworks allow us to meet any tech challenge ecountered with exactly the right tools for the job.

A lovely illustration of Alex Pesak from AP The Creative.
Alex Pesak

The Lovely Dev x AP The Creative

Meet our friend Alex from AP The Creative. She's a colorful web designer based in Indianapolis. Her unique approach to design allows color to shine through, font pairings to stand out and design rules to be broken.